"Have you had enough of the picture-perfect glitz obfuscating inaction by my Republican opponent?  How about the kowtowing to oil companies while the Kern River basin eye sore is just the tip of the underlying toxicity?  Had enough of that(?) and residents in Tulare forced to truck in water due to over drafting by junior corporate water right holders?  If six years wasn't enough for Shannon Grove to get what you want done in  Sacramento...then don't expect different results if you give her four more years.  Please consider her ignorant thinking that abortions cause climate change, that she rubber-stamps a porn star possessed President and his  $1.3 trillion won-and-done sloth spending bill which sadly does not include promised infrastructure or DACA.  Together we can dig out these injustices and excavate a new blue foundation for SD16. Please support me for Senator now and June 5.   

--Ruth Musser-Lopez


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